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Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a potent anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogen, and anti-catabolite, as well as a powerful immune system enhancer. Some of its common known benefits are assistance in fat burning, building and retention of lean muscle, and is a cancer fighter. In-line with above listed, other suggested benefits of CLA supplementation include

  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Enhanced muscle growth
  • Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Lowers insulin resistance
  • Reduces food-induced allergic reactions
  • Enhances immune system.

However, despite the huge benefits, most people still find it difficult to buy this supplements because they are unsure and then ask a question like is itsafe? Well, the safety of conjugated linoleic acid is not in doubt because there are handfuls of evidence to back up this claim. To relatively put to bed this question, please recall that CLA is a component of red meat that has been shown to prevent cancer. The FDA has also published research attesting to the anti-cancer properties of CLA. Notwithstanding the slight side effects, CLA is however used by body builders to drive glucose into muscle cells to produce anabolic effects. The new CLA oil is about 50% stronger in the cis-9, trans-11, isomer, which is considered the best by scientists. The slight side effects, which users should know of is commonly diarrhea. Episodes of diarrhea may also be accompanied by stomach pain, cramping or bloating. This effects are however minimal and can be handled effectively. With the above information, you are free now to go buy conjugated linoleic acid foods or supplements.

Customer Reviews

Highly Recommended!

i’m a skeptical stay-at-home mom with 2 hungry boys and i have no choice but to eat. i’ve researched and tried a few weight loss products but nothing worked. i kept researching and found this product and it’s amazing. it really does burn fat and i could feel it getting rid of the oil/grease build up in my chest. it also makes me a bit calmer so i don’t feel hyper or jittery like some other products can make you feel. i read other people’s feedback and some say not to expect quick results and so i didn’t but when i made my first purchase i started to lose weight quickly. i guess because i’m a short lady and i gain muscle very easily. this product definitely helps with lean muscle and fat burning. i’m so glad i found this product and i highly recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight without the starvation. this product can also curb your appetite so you eat less. my family’s amazed at how i’m losing weight. i’ve already lost 40 and now i have 30lbs more to go. my boys said, “mom, your arms and legs look smaller and your belly is shrinking!” i get on the scale less often now because i know i’m losing the weight. i’m so glad i made the purchase.


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