My Idea Worth Spreading Photo-documentary Project

What’s Your Big Idea?

My Idea Worth Spreading (MIWS) is a photodocumentary project where we ask you to visualize one of your very own ideas. What is an idea that you think could make a difference in our world? What is something that you think about that you wish more people thought about? What is an idea that you would like to see spread to more people?

When you have realized your brilliant answer, we want to hear it. Write it boldly on a sheet of paper and take a picture – creative license eagerly encouraged!

TEDxNextGenerationAsheville invites anyone and everyone to think deeply on the questions: Why do you do what you do? and What is my big idea worth spreading?

To see all the MIWS and WDYDWYD photos from TEDxNextGenerationAsheville, visit our Flickr page or sit back and watch the slide show here.

This project is inspired by and based off of the Why Do You Do What You Do initiative. Visit the wdydwyd website.