What are the best Rainbow Riches Slot Games?

We’ll start with the least favourite of all the rainbow riches slot games and move on to what, we believe is the number one rainbow riches online slot right now.

However, could you not take our word for it? You can try most of them out by heading on to rainbow riches casino.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix

Newbies beware – if you are new to slots generally, we’d recommend moving on swiftly to the next item on our rainbowriches online slot list.

Namely because while this Rainbow Riches slot series doesn’t have the colossal reels of gold, it does have the significant bet feature; with this option, your odds of hitting the jackpot increase significantly if you can place bets of at least £€$1 per spin.

However, the reasons this series is so high on our list is because players aren’t required to bet big to enjoy this masterpiece.

It’s a brilliant game because you get to select the kind of Rainbow Riches slot you want by picking from any five different bonus game features.

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold

We’ll start with the least favourite and move on to what, we think, is the number one rainbow riches mobile slot. Leprechaun offers an excellent game option and colossal reels. And honestly, we mean ‘colossal’. Players get two sets of slot reels, one a regular 5×4 and the other 5×10 symbols high.

On this Rainbow Riches slot, the features are proportional to the bet you place. In summary, the bigger the chance you put, the better the features get; but if you don’t set big bets, you still have seven random bonuses you can try out thanks the blue fairy.

Rainbow Riches Megaways

The rainbow riches megaways beautiful Irish-themed slot works brilliantly with the Megaways slot machines, thanks to the colour theme and how it allows for lots of symbols to be seen against the Celtic background.

What you’ve got here are the six reels standard vertical reels, only the rows of symbols change spin to spin, so you tend to have 2 to 7 rows of slot symbols on any wheel.

It’s all about hitting the bonus game where you get to catch a vast multiplier and wins of over ten 000x your total bet.

Rainbow Riches

Guess who comes in at the second spot? Why it’s the original 20 payline rainbow riches on mobile. However, what makes the Rainbow Riches series so popular that is has evolved to a whole new host of casino offspring?

Partly due to the exciting Irish theme that sends you to an Emerald Isles to chill with a mischievous ginger-haired Leprechaun

Rainbow Riches Free Spins

One thing you should understand about the original rainbow riches free spins is that the popularity is incomparable. And speaking of Rainbow Riches, one thing it has always missed is one big thing: and that is the free spins. Guess what the Rainbow Riches Free Spins video slot now adds to the mix? While keeping the simple sounds of the game and its design, they’ve also stripped it back to ten paylines.

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